We'll try to attack your security just like an attacker would.

How does penetration testing in physical security work?
During penetration testing, our Red Team attempts to bypass the security you are currently using and perform malicious activity that would lead to financial or casualty losses in real life. We will attempt to bypass your electronic security (access control system, home alarm system, CCTV, x-rays, microwave body scanners, etc.), use social engineering to gain access to your assets, or find loopholes in your processes and “steal” your goods/property while fully operational. We will also check the vigilance, procedures and processes or the turnaround time of your current security agency.

Who are pentests suitable for?
Our most frequent customers are warehouses, manufacturing facilities and modern IT companies. However, a security penetration test is suitable for deployment anywhere where you have assets you do not want to lose and which you already guard using either electronic or physical security (doormen, security, reception). In general, penetration tests perform better in companies that have more employees.

Types of penetration tests
We commonly use two different approaches for security auditing using penetration testing:

  • From inside
    You employ our RED TEAM members as regular employees and let them work in your company for a few days/weeks in completely regular positions. Our specialists will gather information, evaluate the behavior of other employees and security guards and then try to overcome any security.
  • From Outside
    RED TEAM members will attempt to attack your interests as people who do not work for you, have no knowledge of how your company operates, simulating a common sophisticated street attacker (mafia, competitors, common criminals). Our specialists will observe the behaviour of your employees, their habits, security patrols and try to break your security either by social engineering or by a simple attack (which of course will not hurt anyone).

What is the output of penetration tests?
We will prepare a detailed report from each day in which our specialists will describe exactly what they did, how they did it, where they did it and using what procedure.

At the end of the penetration test, we will produce a detailed audit where the individual steps are described, the vulnerabilities identified are rated according to severity, and information on the appropriate action to take to resolve the issue is added.

The output of penetration tests is certainly not an offer of our other security services. On the contrary – it is not advisable to use our services for physical protection of interests after penetration testing. The tests usually end up exposing RED TEAM, and your employees would certainly not trust a security firm that tried to trick them.