Rest assured that your people, property and assets are protected.

We invest time in an intensive selection process, which includes in-depth background checks. Once hired, our security guards undergo rigorous training in first aid, fire prevention, customer service and more.

We will deliver highly trained professionals ready to work for you.

Guarding of property is a basic and irreplaceable degree of protection of buildings or public spaces. The physical presence of the guard in the building is discouraged by thieves and other people who want to damage your property.

We use physical vigilant and psychologically persistent individuals as part of object security, who regularly undergo training courses that help them solve all the situations that can occur without unnecessary conflicts. For the guarding of objects, we also use the dog handlers, which are excellent for securing the perimeter (peripheral protection) of large areas.

Each of our guards is dressed in unified uniforms to ensure that an attacker knows from time to time that the object is guarded by a professional security agency.

Don't let anything come between you and your safety. Invest in our premium physical security services.

Our licensed physical security guard duties include:

  • Emergency response and first aid
  • Access control of entrances and exits
  • Scheduled perimeter patrols
  • Security risk assessments
  • Fire safety (prevention and protection)
  • Security systems monitoring (CCTV, alarm panel and key control)
  • Providing recommendations for security equipment and personnel
  • Concierge services

Our security guards are supported by the latest technological innovations, including our own IRIS app – which improves response times in the event of an emergency, allowing you to make better security-related decisions.

IRIS is a real-time patrol and incident management system that allows our security guards to stay connected at all times via our high-tech operations centers. This innovative technology gives you easy access to detailed patrol reports (including photos and videos) from any connected device—wherever you are.

Operators in our control centers support operations 24/7. They are constantly monitoring, and can assist employees and clients during emergencies, without delay.