Diamonds, gold or transporting military material.

Transportation of cash and valuables is provided by our employees who are trained and trained in this activity, manage the solution of conflict situations, drive vehicles in non-standard situations, provide first aid and in case of necessity self-defense and coercive means or use of a firearm.

Depending on the value of the safe shipment, depending on the insurance conditions, the number of persons in transit or escort, the type of equipment, the equipment and the means of transport are determined. If necessary, the range is defined by the diver who is in contact with the transporting group. Vehicle movement is ON-LINE tracked by GPS and data is transmitted to the dispatching center.

The price of these services is based on the value of the shipment carried, the length of the journey in time and distance. For regular shipping, the price is fixed at a flat rate.

Each carriage of cash and valuables is insured at 100% of its value. You can choose either a labeled, unmarked, armored or common civilian vehicle (the choice of vehicles must correspond to the insurance conditions).

For cash and valuables we carry out in particular:

  • transportation of cash and valuables (checks, stamps, vouchers, etc.)
  • regular sales receipts
  • disposable transports
  • escorts of persons transporting cash or valuables

Attention: We do not process cash!