The Czech magazine REFLEX has written about us that we are the only real private army in the Czech Republic. This very briefly but clearly explains what we are dealing with and who we are.

For our clients we provide armed close protection, security drivers, armed transport of valuables, escorts of persons abroad, private anti-terrorism services and also detective services in the whole world.

Primarily we provide executive protection in Prague and the Czech Republic. But we will certainly help you with other security services anywhere in the world. Many of our customers also use our services in Europe (Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Notherdam, Barcelona, Paris, Monte Carlo, Bratislava and other European cities).

In the Red Hawk Security company operates former members of various Special Units of the Police and Army of the various states of the European Union. Our branches can be found in the Netherlands, South and Central America, Thailand, USA and Australia.


We make sure that all your data and information remain confidential. We use end-to-end encryption to communicate between employees and clients. Our employees are not allowed to use their own devices at work, but only business phones and laptops that are logged and encrypted using Android Enterprise EMU and have 100% control over what our employees take and call and write.


During the time we have been guarding people and property, we have traveled every corner of the planet with our Czech and Slovak clients. We have provided our services on all continents. Therefore, we know exactly who to turn to, what to look out for and what level of protection to set when traveling abroad.


Even the best process and the highest quality protection measures can fail on one faulting employee. Therefore, we pay great attention to the selection of our colleagues. Everyone must pass demanding physical tests, a shooting range test and a psychological interview before joining. More than 85% of jobseekers in our company will not pass our claims.


Protecting private and high-profile individuals or supporting corporate security requires experience and expertise. RED HAWK has unmatched experience handling sensitive and complex operations in diverse cultures and environments. Our elite security teams deliver professional security solutions tailored to any situation.

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