Executive protection & Travel risk management

We’ll protect your people, assets, data, brand, and reputation as you travel anywhere in the world. We will arrange your trip from A to Z, starting with a taxi ride and ending with a private jet flight and all the associated luxury services and treatment.

Special operations to protect your people and assets

Extraction of key persons and assets from war or terrorism-affected areas, armed escort of valuable or government cargo. We provide various types of special security operations anywhere in the world.

Security Risk Management & Security audits

We have the expertise to help you identify gaps in your current security measures and create an action plan to improve your physical security, building safety and fire prevention practices.

Your premium security service provider

We are part of the multinational RED HAWK GROUP. The Security Division provides premium security services across the portfolio.

We focus on providing the highest quality security services available anywhere in the world.

We are based in the European Union, where we provide services to incoming clients from other parts of the world, but we also provide services for European Union residents anywhere in the world.

Our aim is to deliver the highest quality security and risk management services. We have strict rules for the selection of our employees and all our SOPs ensure quality of service even in the smallest details.

Our core services

Our expertise
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