Keep travelers safe by providing important knowledge prior to departure

Thanks to our cooperation with security and intelligence suppliers in most countries around the world, RED HAWK GROUP is able to provide you with information to keep travellers safe.

RED HAWK keep travelers safe by providing important knowledge prior to departure, providing up to date information and location monitoring and incident monitoring during travel, and responding to critical events that can impact travel plans and safety.

Organizations are morally and legally responsible for their employees’ health, safety, and welfare and must take a comprehensive approach toward protecting themselves and their travelers. Are you prepared?

Are all travellers aware of the security threats they may face when travelling? Do personnel have access to pre-travel security awareness training? Do you consider political, security, and cultural factors in a destination before approving travel? Are you aware of incidents in your travelers’ locations that could impact their safety? Do you have clear lines of communication with travelers when a crisis occurs?

Our Travel Risk Management team is ready to help you with all these points and more.

Securing what matters to you in an ever-evolving world.

We provide high-end executive protection for at-risk individuals and families for long-term and short-term needs at home or abroad. Our experienced, professional, discrete, and highly trained teams will implement an operational plan that suits your needs.

We have a worldwide network of proven partners, which means we can provide executive protection services almost anywhere, with the same quality you’ve come to expect from RED HAWK GROUP.

Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, Russia, Australia. Wherever you, your family or your employees travel – RED HAWK GROUP can provide you with professional bodyguards, appropriate vehicles and a complete security service on site.

As part of our crisis management planning, we are ready to provide you with emergency evacuation services anywhere in the world within a few hours – so-called extractions from dangerous countries affected by terrorist attacks, war or natural disaster. Our services and management systems work in all circumstances, regardless of whether or not public transport and the government in that country is currently functioning.