Protection against terrorist attacks

For organizers of cultural and sporting events (with expected high attendance) we provide services of so-called preventive and active protection against terrorism. Within the group of measures, we provide, for example, EOD services, which will preview the whole area of the event, consultancy services, where we will advise you on how to achieve minimization of risks, and finally, the Counter Assault Team, who is fully armed to be present at the event and ready to intervene at any time by force against any potential attackers.

Terrorism is a real threat. Protect yourself with our services.

EOD services

Before the start of your event, our pyrotechnist will walk through the area with a specially trained dog and check that there is no explosive device in place. During the event, specially trained dogs and explosives detectors are able to keep an eye on all visitors to your event. This measure is visible and the very presence of pyrotechnics increases the chance of deterring the attack already at the planning stage.

CAT Team

We will deploy strongly armed former members of special units to your event, who have the “simple” task – if any attack occurs – to intervene immediately with all available force against the invaders. The reaction time of the Police in case of a big event attack is even in Prague for several tens of minutes. Our guards are right at the event, they know what to do and have all the necessary equipment for their task. Their task is to eliminate the offenders within the Czech Republic’s laws and hand them over to the Czech Police within minutes.

In the course of your event CAT members are not seen – they are in SUVs with black windows so they will not scare your guests.

CAT team is currently the only real, effective, and affordable protection at all major events. In many recent cases, we can see that the reaction of state components is already in principle (far away from the scene of attack, fulfills many other duties, etc.) slow. We think that the security of the visitors, in today’s changing times, should be ensured mainly by the organizer. That’s why we offer this non-standard service in Europe.

Electronic monitoring – warfare

We have state-of-the-art optical and radio equipment for monitoring your entire event. In the event, we park our vehicles, which have a series of cameras on the telescopic arm that record the course of the event and which can monitor the visitor’s faces. In the event of any disturbance, we are able to return the entire record back to the police.

In cars we also have equipment for passive electronic combat – which means we record all radio traffic. The radio map can be created retrospectively, and by placing multiple vehicles on the whole event, we are able to estimate the position of the transmitter using radio triangulation (eg, coordination of attack, firing of explosive devices, etc.).