Identifying risks and finding solutions is critical for the security industry.

As a company, we have been in business for almost 15 years, our employees have been working in the field of personal and assets security for more than 30 years. Therefore, we know where common, but also unique, errors occur in the chain of process and physical security performance.

The purpose of the security audits we perform in our clients’ factories and operations is not to replace the current security agency, but to detect possible risks, draw attention to them, propose solutions and thus improve the security of our clients’ assets.

Don't be the next headline. Test your security now.

We pay special attention to the following:

  • Global security perspective
  • Assessment of risk and surrounding threats
  • Assessment of the situation surrounding crime in the sector
  • Risks related to terrorism
  • Control and system access
  • Parking security
  • Analysis of the vulnerabilities of the building
  • Intrusion risks
  • Fence, barricades and terrain
  • Exterior doors and windows
  • Lighting
  • Neighborhood
  • Video surveillance system
  • Mandate of the cameras
  • Operation and positioning
  • Emergency escalation plan
  • Standards for monitoring and image retention
  • Security control center and operation
  • Role and tasks of security guards
  • Safety of employees’ workplaces
  • Communication system
  • CPTED Crime prevention through environmental design