Professionally trained security driver and luxury transportation

A private security chauffeur is different from a standard chauffeur. They have advanced driving and close protection skills that allow them to keep principals safe. Whilst mobile, there are many risks, traffic is unpredictable, and the actions of other drivers are impossible to control. It is advisable, therefore, to use only the most highly-skilled security drivers. The embus and debus, entering and exiting the vehicle being the most likely time of an attack or incident happening.

Well-trained driver bodyguards are on the lookout for risk indicators at all times. They can detect and avoid any hostile action on the roads. They can foresee situations and pre-empt incidents that may put their principals at risk. Security chauffeurs have the skill and experience to ensure the safety of passengers even when arriving or departing from a venue.

For this type of service we have a modern fleet of vehicles, which we regularly replace every two years with newer ones. We can therefore offer a comprehensive range of Mercedes-Benz vehicles that are never more than 2 years old.

Our clients can choose from E class, S class, V class and Sprinter vehicles. In addition, our fleet also includes Maybach luxury limousines and specially modified V class vehicles in Klassen trim with an ultra-luxurious first class interior.

From 2022, we also offer electric E class and V class vehicles.

We offer our security driver and luxury transport services anywhere in the European Union with headquarters in Prague (Czech Republic) and Amsterdam (Netherlands).

For quotations for vehicles other than Mercedes-Benz, please contact us in advance. Thanks to our partners, we may also be able to provide vehicles from other manufacturers according to your requirements.