Executive Protection by highly trained professionals.


With regard to years of experience in the field of security in high risk areas abroad (Iraq, Afghanistan), our company can guarantee the development of security protocols, the design of safe travel routes and escorts from real professionals who always try to prevent unpleasant situations but are not afraid use all available means to solve your situation.


The most frequent clients of our company are entrepreneurs who are dangerously blackmailed and who wish to protect themselves and their family. Another frequent client is VIP people who are afraid of a dangerous pursuit of a fan.

Armed escorts – close protection service can be used in the following situations:

  • business meeting
  • picking / depositing a higher amount in the bank
  • if you are the victim of extortion (your and your family protection)
  • protection from dangerous watching by fans
  • transfer of payments to your employee

We're not just bodyguards. We're your first line of defense.


We get your people where they need to be, safe, and on schedule – but we do it on your terms. English speaking drivers, specially trained in tactical response and medical aids for crisis management, provide secure transportation, airport pick up and transfer.

Whatever your transportation requirements, you choose the style in which you wish to travel. Choose from armored and unarmored vehicles, luxury cars, limos, and VIP configurations of SUVs, vans and sedans.


Transportation is only part the operation. RED HAWK is also the resource to trust for aircrafts, accommodations, travel tracking, emergency response and more. We can meet our client’s at the gate and take care of their every need with our VIP handling services.

We can provide special rates at hotels and/or luxury apartments in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. If it’s relevant to our client’s needs, we can arrange for helicopters and yachts for hour or days as required.Additional services available include translators and interpreters, English, Czech or Russian speaking guides, and arranging for extreme activities (shooting range, four-wheeling, rafting and other water sports, skydiving and more).