Do you want to travel in complete privacy or are you planning to go to places where there is no international airport nearby?

With our partners around the world, we offer our clients private jet business services (Business Jet). The advantage over conventional lines is the possibility of arriving at the airport by private entry or by carriage directly to the entrance to the aircraft on the airport. Another undisputed advantage is the fact that this type of aircraft can travel with your armed personal guard (depending on the place of departure and arrival, it always depends on the laws of the country).

Another indisputable advantage of private aircraft is the possibility of landing at non-international airports. You do not have to spend long hours in the vehicle when you cross the airport to your place of residence.

You can also choose a route by private plane. For example, clients in Africa often use private sailplane services when it is possible to navigate the national parks from the aircraft and then land directly at the safari area.