The organizing service is used mainly in public events where the organizer needs to control the entrance, movement and behavior of people. As part of the organizing service, we are able to offer our clients both friendly, well-trained and decent-looking staff as well as technical means of action (entrance gates, detection frames, mobile toilets, fencing hire, traffic signs, etc.).

We are fully aware that the organizing service is not present at events to provoke and limit your guests – so our employees regularly go through both physical and psychological training courses, practical tests to help us choose the right guards.

After consulting with our experts, you can choose whether you want to attend uniforms, civilian clothing or custom-made clothes to suit your event.

For events where you expect more people or even enthusiasts to be present, we are able to offer you the professional services that result from our experience in foreign missions. In particular, it is a corresponding command structure of action security, an intervention team (a specially armed and trained group of guards whose task is to eventually expel / direct the crowd to avoid damage to property and health) and eventually aerial monitoring of the action of our helicopter.

At each event, of course, we will provide our own facilities and means of communication.