What makes us different from the competition?

It’s simple – we realize that the first thing your visitor will see is that our guard will be sitting at the reception desk. According to this key, we select our employees who can represent the meaning of your object in front of all the incoming.

Security advice

We have been in the security of property and people for many years. We provide unique anti-terrorism and security services across the European Union, the US, Central America and Thailand. Thanks to these experiences, we are able to provide you with the perfect advice. For all our clients who use one of our main services, we provide free counseling.

Representative appearance

No sleeping retirees, the strange existence that is constantly going to smoke – none of our clients need to worry. We realize that receptionists are the first impression of your visitors. Former police officers and soldiers – these are our only employees, so we can guarantee that in addition to representing your position, our staff can handle any situation that may occur in the facility.

Security guard

The whole reception, your facility and the CCTV system will be connected to our 24-hour dispatching center, which is able to send a corresponding exit group immediately to your facility. Whether it’s only a messenger who brings spare keys or a fully armed counter-terrorist unit.