Children are one of the most vulnerable groups that are increasingly becoming the target of various attackers and deviants. That’s why our company offers the transportation of your children to and from schools, nurseries, circles and other “leisure-time activities”.

It is always an individual transport of a child or children of one client – it is not a classical school bus that picks up children of several customers. For a better idea, it is a “safe taxi service” for your children, when transport to or from school ends for the driver only when the children accompany the school building (eventually hand them over to a person – teacher); to the door of the apartment.

Our drivers are trained professionals who have not only a few years of experience as professional drivers but also have years of experience in protecting people, mostly from state security forces (Army, Police, etc.). The driver may be equipped with a firearm, which is always hidden.

As a vehicle to transport the most valuable thing, we use only large safe models (Prosche Cayenne, Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery, etc.) that are constantly in communication with the dispatching center and their movement is monitored by GPS and radio locator. The vehicle can be equipped with a set of bulletproof vests for your passengers, or it can be a Euro B7 armored vehicle (protection against shooting from automatic long weapons, eg a sniper rifle or AK-47)

The prices of this service are quite individual – they can be priced at the usual taxi service prices, but also at the prices of a professional armed personal guardian. Therefore, contact us for a specific calculation.