When we thought about our services we provide not only in Prague but throughout the Czech Republic, we said that many successful entrepreneurs do not have the time to drive their own cars over the working day and have to use the services of various taxis. We know that a good and representative car can not arrive at a taxi. It will logically reduce your comfort, but also your work performance.

We have therefore decided to offer all of our customers a new Mercedes-Benz luxury car rental with a driver, or even a personal guardian. The vehicles are manufactured in 2017.

A vehicle with a professional driver has many advantages:

  • A Mercedes-Benz car with a driver will pick you up in the morning anywhere, anytime
  • Both the vehicle and the driver are available throughout the day
  • The driver always waits for you, or moves around so that you do not have to go anywhere and find it difficult to find where the car is
  • The vehicle is not marked in any way – no logos, inscriptions,
  • Privacy is guaranteed by darkened rear windows

Vehicle and driver can also be ordered by the Personal Defender with a weapon. From one personal guard, to the whole escort team in the other – the same vehicle. It depends only on you and your current security situation.

As part of our services, we are also ready to provide you with medical support on board the vehicle. Your vehicle may be prepared for you by your medicines. The driver and personal guards are trained to provide emergency medical first aid in war conditions (education at TCCC level).