– we look at the debtor’s assets
– we can infiltrate your company and track down thieves

Red Hawk Security has long been engaged in tracking and exploration activities, utilizing our long-standing experience of foreign operations and a team of experienced technicians.

Tracking activity is understood to mean, in particular, the task of gathering audiovisual evidence against target persons, their remote monitoring and the preparation of the daily regime of those persons. All such acts are in accordance with Government Decree No. 469/2000 Coll. in Annex 3.

Tracking activity is used:

  • to determine the property status of the target person in the course of the execution proceedings or as a preparatory activity for the legal process
  • to obtain evidence in the context of an employment relationship (theft and sale of employee information)

The search activity is mainly used to search for persons close to them or to trace persons to whom an arrest warrant is issued. When searching for people and things, we use all of our technical means and contacts that we have developed beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.

The search activity is used:

  • in search of kidnapped children by one of the parents
  • in search of stolen cars
  • in search of persons subject to an arrest warrant